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Daily Amazon Seller Payouts with Victoria Sullivan (Part 1)
June 6, 2019
Seller Round Table Episode 12 with Victoria Sullivan - Part 1
Things we discussed in the episode:

Clip 1: Victoria Sullivan's Introduction
Clip 2: Payability
Clip 3: Payability Programs
Clip 4: Pay for FBA and FBM
Clip 5: Funding New Sellers on Payability
Clip 6: Leveraging Payability for Best Deals
Clip 7: Requirement for Funding
Clip 8: Sellers Sources of Funding
Clip 9: Tracking Money for Funding
Clip 10: Barriers for Receiving Funding
Clip 11: Cases for Alternative Funding
Clip 12: Amazon Sellers Loans Criteria
Clip 13: Additional Funding
Clip 14: Terms of Working with Payability
Clip 15: Account Protection
Clip 16: Feeds on Daily Payouts
Clip 17: Struggle in Funding
Clip 18: Outside Funding
Clip 19: Payability Trial
Clip 20: Amy's Old Amazon Account
Clip 21: Conflicts in Payability Daily Payouts
Clip 22: Signing up on Payability
Clip 23: Training with Andy and Amy
Clip 25: What is Mentor Box?
Clip 26: What is Blinkist?
Clip 27: Andy's Favorite Podcasts
Clip 28: Amy's Favorite Podcasts

Things we mention in episode 12 of SRT:
Conversion Marketing Radio:
Gary Vaynerchuk:
Marketing School:
Mentor Box:
On the Shelf:
Perpetual Traffic:
Product Hunt:
Social Media Examiner:

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